How much is Uber

how much is uber

Uber is an application connecting drivers and passengers – the passenger uses the Uber application for a mobile device (downloadable from Google Play, AppStore, Windows Phone Store), and the driver from the Uber Partner application. Uber is a company whose pace of development is incredibly dynamic. The company has raised billions of dollars from investors, and its valuation is currently estimated at $ 40 billion. How much is Uber, though?

 What are the benefits of Uber

  • You know who you are going with, and after the course you evaluate the driver – before you get in the car, you see the photo, name and average of the ratings obtained by the driver. After the course, you also give him an opinion, you can also leave additional annotations. What does it give First of all, the fact that a driver being rude to you has a lot to lose. Therefore, Uber rides usually run in a very nice atmosphere.
  • You see the route – after entering the destination after ordering the car, the route will be displayed in your application – you do not have to worry that the driver will drive you along a detour along the route and incur additional costs.
uber costs
  • You can see on the map where the driver is coming from (and how fast) – thanks to this you know exactly if you have to go downstairs or if you have a few minutes to do so.
  • You don’t need money – Uber works without cash; after completing the course, the application charges the card that you connected to the account during registration. If only for this reason it is worth having an account in Uber (even if you are a taxi lover), because has it never happened to you that you want to order a taxi and you don’t have a penny in your wallet?
  • Cars in Uber are decent – Uber Pop (they accept completely new cars, max. 10 years, 5-seater, 4-door. Uber Select already operates in selected cities, in which higher class cars are available. You can use more exclusive forms of passage (Uber Black, SUV, Lux) and even order a helicopter.
  • You can split the fare into fellow passengers – if you’re traveling with friends who also use Uber, you can easily split the fare for all passengers. Just select the option “split account” in the application.
  • Uber verifies drivers – if one of the drivers gets low marks (average below 4.6), then they are removed from the group of Uber’s partners.
  • If you change your mind, you can cancel your order for free up to 5 minutes.
  • Thanks to the combination: photo of the driver + driver’s assessment + estimation of costs before the trip + display of the route in the application + no cash settlements – the risk of being cheated, stretched or treated in any other way falls to a minimum.

How much is Uber

The fare usually fluctuates around $ 1- $ 2 per mile traveled plus the cost of the first $ 2 mile. The exact price may vary slightly depending on the city in which we are located. There are many competitors on the market for Uber such as Lyft, Bolt and others.



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