How to become a firefighter

how to become a firefighter

Fitness test, interview, knowledge and competence test and swimming and fear of height test. What exactly are candidates for future firefighters to cope with?

Requirements for firefighters

General requirements to become a firefighter are simple, it can be any citizen of a given country who enjoys full public rights and has not been convicted of an offense or tax offense. Additional requirements are: having at least secondary education and physical and mental ability to perform service in this formation.

Firefighter application

Applicants seeking admission to the fire service must usually submit a number of documents:

  • application for admission to the Fire Service;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • photocopies of employment or service certificates from previous places of employment or service, provided that the candidate was previously in an employment or service relationship;
  • copies of documents confirming your education or skills;
  • a copy of a document confirming citizenship;
  • signed declaration of consent to the processing of personal data necessary to complete the qualification process in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data;
  • medical certificate confirming that there are no health contraindications for performing physical exercises.
being a firefighter

When the candidate provides the required documents, the commission sets up an individual sheet in which his results obtained in the qualification procedure will be placed and gives the person an identification number.

This documentation is the basis for assessing the candidate’s initial predispositions. His education and skills are additionally scored under a specific system.

Firefighter skills

  • The fitness test is one of the most important stages of the qualification procedure. It consists of performance tests and fitness tests. It is different in different countries, but you can find there such exercises as, among others: running at distances: 1000 m and 500 m, pull-ups on a stick, throw a ball, medicine, straight sit down or swinging.
  • Assessment of motivation during the interview – Its purpose is to check the candidate’s ability to receive messages and precisely form statements so that they are understandable. In addition, the assessment covers: motivation to take up service, the ability to think analytically, as well as the ability to plan and organize work.
  • Knowledge check – Checks the candidates’ knowledge of fire protection and the operation of the Fire Brigade. There are 20 test questions and they have a closed (single choice) form. Candidates have 25 minutes to respond.
  • Firefighter in the preparatory service after admission to service, completion of the basic course in the profession of a firefighter, remains a trainee for a long time (it is possible to shorten the internship for special achievements, etc.). The basic course is included in this period. After this period (in the event of suitability and a positive opinion), he is appointed to permanent service and henceforth has all the rights and obligations associated with it.



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