How to become police officer

how to become a police officer

Most police services in the world have similar conditions for becoming a policeman. On many websites, you will find information on how individual stages of the qualification procedure are scored, how much points you need to get at each stage and how ranking lists are created. How to become police officer?

What you’ll find on the police website

It also contains information about the possibility of candidates obtaining additional preferential points. Points obtained by the candidate in individual scored stages of the qualification procedure and preferential points are added together. Candidates are placed on the ranking list in order depending on the number of points they have obtained.

Test scoring

If you successfully complete the qualification you will be placed on the ranking list. If you get enough points, you will be accepted for service in the Police.

becoming a policeman

However, if you run out of points, you have the chance to be accepted on subsequent dates, but not later than within 1 year from the date of the interview or psychological test. This will continue to be decided by the sum of your points.

Police officer skills

The police officer should have high physical fitness, passing the fitness test takes place after passing the obstacle course on time. The test checks speed, agility, strength and endurance. The obstacle course and time norms converted into points are the same for both women and men. The results are converted into points.

The knowledge test is not a selection test. This means that each candidate goes to the next stage – with fewer or more points. On the other hand, try to apply to this stage, because the number of points obtained from the knowledge test will affect your place in the final ranking.

Psychological tests are carried out by psychologists. These tests will determine your intellectual and personality predispositions to serve in the Police. The psychological test is carried out using the MultiSelect method and consists of the following parts: individual examination in the form of a computer test, a conversation with a psychologist, which concerns the experience of the candidate, his attitudes, as well as the predisposition to take up service in the Police and a summary of the results of the examination and interview. During the test, intellectual predispositions, social behavior, stability and attitude at work are checked.

Interview – This stage takes the form of an interview, evaluated by a team of two to four people. In general, the committee consists of: a representative of the unit for the selection of candidates for service and a preventive service policeman. Its purpose is to get to know the candidate and his motivation to take up service.

After admission, you will go to one of the police schools for basic vocational training. Then, after completing this training, as part of your professional adaptation, you will be temporarily delegated to serve in the department designated by the Police department. 



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