How to cook acorn squash

how to cook acorn squash

The Acorn squash does not reach impressive dimensions. It has a hard skin with pronounced ribbing, usually the color of bottle green. There are also squashs with a yellow stained skin and white or cream-white. The inside of squashs with green or yellow skin is generally yellow-orange, while the white Acorn squashs are also distinguished by white flesh. squash flesh of this variety is quite sweet, with a slightly nutty note. Acorns are great for baking and stuffing. How to cook acorn squash?

Why acorn squash is yellow-orange

The yellow-orange color of squash flesh is due to the content of Beta-carotene (provitamin A), which has antioxidant effects. squash is one of the richer sources of Beta-carotene, which together with vitamin C protects against free radicals. So much for the introduction, and below a description of the varieties and a handful of recipes.

How to cook acorn squash

Roasted squash always tastes best. On the one hand, the simple and on the other the magical heat treatment process extracts the most interesting flavor notes from the squash. All you need is an oven and some spices to make the most ordinary squash in the world enchant you with its unique taste. Baked squash can become the basis of any dish: soup, salad, cake, pate, pies, waffles and so on.

acorn squash cooking

Cut Acorn squash in half, season with salt and pepper and drizzle gently with oil. Put it in a preheated 180C (400F) oven and bake for 40-50 min. After removing from the oven, wait to cool and peel easily from the skin. When it cools down a little with a spoon, choose the pulp and mix smoothly. Freeze or pasteurize the prepared puree (I pasteurize several jars every year).

Where does acorn squash come from

Acorn Squash comes from America and it is there that the most popular. It is also called the acorn squash, which owes its shape to the appearance of acorns. Acorn squash fruits do not reach large sizes. They have a hard skin with visible “ribs”. This squash usually has a dark green or yellow skin color and a yellow-orange interior. The flesh is quite sweet and has a slightly nutty note. It’s great for stuffing and baking.

What are Acorn squash dishes

  • Dry casseroles
  • Stuffed dishes
  • squash baked sweet, e.g. with honey

How to store Acorn squash

It is best to keep whole squashs in a cool, dry place (e.g. in a basement, garage or even on a balcony if it is dry). In good conditions, they will last for months.

The raw flesh of most varieties can be frozen, a great idea is to pasteurize or freeze squash puree. Chopped squash will last in the fridge for several days, similarly pure, but the second is best to boil so that it does not ferment.



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