How to get a six pack

exercises for getting a six pack

Every man dreams to be able to show off beautifully sculpted abdominal muscles. The so-called “radiator” arouses the admiration of women and is the object of desire in men. Many people consider the “six pack” on the stomach as a symbol of masculinity and a perfect figure. However, it is not easy to build – only a strict diet and appropriate training can help burn fat covering the muscles. Both the selection of exercises and the technique of exercise are key here. “Radiator” on the stomach – how to build it and enjoy it longer?

Muscles for six pack

When starting exercises for the abdominal radiator, remember to focus on all parts of the abdominal muscles. Those are:

  • straight muscles
  • oblique muscles
  • transverse muscles.

Systematic development of these muscle parts is possible through the implementation of an appropriate training plan. In addition to strength training sets, the plan must also include cardio or endurance training. The second type of classes is designed to help burn fat, which without reduction will not see the effects of exercise. Building a six-pack on your stomach is definitely easier and faster for lean people. More work is for those who are overweight. First, they should burn fat from the stomach and the surrounding area, and only later set up for more intense strength training.

six pack exercises

Exercises for a six pack in the gym

Below are a few exercises that enjoy the reputation of being the most effective and you can do it at the gym.

  • Raising legs overhang – engages abdominal muscles by 150 percent. harder than regular crunches.
  • Stems on the negative bench – we perform the exercise on the negative bench. The upper and lower parts of the rectus abdominis should be strapped together. It engages muscles three times more than regular crunches.
  • Allah – abdominal short circuits with a load using the top puller. Great for building up abdominal muscle mass.

Exercises for a six pack at home

  • Planings – all possible variations, e.g. front or side planks. These are exercises to strengthen core muscles, i.e. deep muscles.
  • Mountain running – also all possible varieties, which there are a lot – slow running, sloping, spiderman, etc. It is worth knowing these variations, because they will strongly engage the lower part of the rectus abdominis and core. In various variants we will also be able to involve oblique muscles.

What else is important for six pack

  • Diet – must be reducing, and at the same time contain the right amount of protein – muscle building material. You can use the ready menu for a flat stomach. Remember to eat a regenerating meal after each workout. The easiest solution is to drink a protein cocktail after training.
  • Cardio training – is necessary to stimulate metabolism and burn unnecessary fat. It should be done at least 3 times a week on non-abdominal days. Initially, it should last 30 minutes, then increase to 50 minutes. As part of cardio training, you can run, swim, ride a bike, jump rope, or train on an elliptical cross trainer.



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