How to potty train a puppy

how to potty train a puppy

How to teach a dog to clean? At the beginning we should ensure proper equipment. Certainly many people remember how our grandmothers spread newspapers in the apartment… Nowadays, we have much more convenient solutions. How to potty train a puppy?

Mats for the puppy

If a puppy gets on the mat and does it himself – reward him with a taste. After eating and waking up, as well as after playing, direct the baby to the mat – then usually comes time for the toilet. How to teach a puppy how to clean?

As the days pass, approach the exit door with the mat so that the puppy begins to signal physiological needs by approaching the door. After vaccination, when the dog can go outside, you can start learning how to do it outside.

However, mats can be useful not only when learning to clean. If the puppy stays alone at home and you don’t have time to come back before the planned walk, the mat is a better solution than … the floor.

potty training

Choosing the right mat

A good-quality mat will not only speed up the entire process, but also protect floors from damage. It is recommended for those who have no idea how to teach a dog to pee at home.

Of course, at the beginning we may need a lot of them – very often it is so that the dog during acclimatization takes care much more often. Over time, it will start to do it at certain times, but remember that the frequency will remain higher than for adults.

Teaching a dog to settle in a designated place

Puppies have been coded from a small age so that they do not settle in the place where they sleep. A good breeder will use this habit and cover half the pen with hygienic mats, and the other half with mattresses or sleeping blankets. Thanks to this solution, puppies learn to settle on mats from an early age, which greatly facilitates the work of new owners.

If our dog has not been taught so well, we have two solutions. One is to arrange the mats wherever possible, observe where the dog does and gradually take away unused mats. The second is to establish one place to settle in and direct the puppy to it whenever we think it wants to settle. The first method is perhaps more radical for interior design, but it avoids embarrassing mishaps. The second method requires constant observation of the puppy and good reflexes.

No matter what strategy we choose, you always have to praise the dog for getting it done on the mat. Do not punish for mistakes or stick your dog’s nose in the droppings. In this way, we can only introduce unnecessary stress and teach the dog how to eat his droppings. From the dog’s point of view, it looks like this: “I made a poop, the lady came and got very angry, she screamed at me and stuck my nose in the excrement. How can this not happen again? I need to eat poo quickly, before you come and get mad. “So what should you do if there is a setback? You need to clean up, make sure that we thoroughly removed the smell and that’s it. Let’s focus on rewarding the puppy for successes.



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