How to read palms

how to read palms

Fortune-telling was already popular in ancient times. This was done more than five thousand years ago, in Syria and China. In Europe, this method was spread only in the eighteenth century. And it is still present today. On one hand we associate it with serious magic, on the other it is also a kind of fun. Because we predict for ourselves at parties or during social gatherings. How to read from the palm of your hand?

Fortune-telling of the left and right hands – know the difference

Before we get into divination, we must remember a significant difference. Significantly the lines on the left are different from those on the right. It is assumed that the lines that are on the left hand are associated with fate and destiny, i.e. issues independent of us. In turn, from the right hand we can read information about our life attitude.

palm reading

How to read from your hand

The lifeline reveals, among other things, information about the quality of our lives. And contrary to popular belief, we do not learn anything from it about its length. A long life line is a sign that we will live our lives in happiness and in accordance with our beliefs.

In turn, the heart line reveals information about our sensitivity and emotionality.

A long, straight line (ending below the index finger): you are a rational, analytical thinker who always takes into account the feelings of others, and people appreciate it.

Short, straight line (ending between the middle finger and forefinger): You need freedom. You show your love through actions rather than through words. Long, curved line (arching and reaching the bases of the middle finger): Your passions and desires direct you, in feelings you care most about what you want. Short, curved line (curving and ending slightly below the base of the middle finger): You have a distance and you open yourself slowly to people. You prefer to have several regular friends than many friends. You like meeting two the most, you tolerate those in a larger group on average. A line with two or more “Xs” on the outer palm: You are distant because you have experienced deep personal betrayal in the past.

The head line informs us about the state of our memory. The more expressive it is, the better memory the owner of the hand has. However, the line of fate is primarily related to our internal balance and how we accept various life events, which, after all, we do not always have influence on.

Short head line (ending near the center of the hand): you think quickly and draw rational conclusions without blinking an eye. Long straight line (extending across the palm of your hand): you tend to over-analyze. You think about every little thing and have a problem making decisions. A line that divides into two parts: you are very sensitive, you can easily see the world from the perspective of others. Because of this, you often change your opinion. A long, curved line (running down the palm of your hand): you think creatively, so there is no situation for you without a way out. 



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